Bali Wedding Photographer – Bali Wedding Video

A Bali based Wedding and Pre-Wedding Video & Photography Company.
Bali Photo Video teams is full of passion, fun and creative to capture your wonderful moment.
We are a professional photographer and videographer who do mostly wedding and pre wedding (engagement) photography and video in Bali.
We love candid moments and we want to keep them as natural as possible, because we know that we are professionally hired to capture moments not create moments.

Every people we met keeps saying this beautiful island were full of Culture, Love, Happiness, Excitement, chemistry, and the Friendly environment, makes them to choose Bali “ beautiful Island of God ” as their wedding dream Venue, therefore you have to determine to hire professional photographer and videographer to capture your everlasting moment, cherish and share with your family and friends; the excitement of finding the true love, the tears of happiness, the blessing of love, the love story between the bride and grooms and many more.

And we also offers photography and video shooting packages for couples, wedding, pre-wedding, honeymoon, family, fashion, documentary, journalism, events, gala dinner, any event that can be captured by a lens.